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Latest at Secretariat: Many thanks to all those who registered for the CENNT meeting, which took place today on Monday 25 September -- the same time as the Civil Society Issue groups at which Mr.Carl explained...More

The International Coalition for Development Action is both a coalition of mainly development NGOs and networks and other civil society organizations in the North and South, as well as an advocacy NGO.

ICDA is committed to building a more just and equitable international order, with specific focus on trade and trade-related issues. One of its primary aims is to promote issues of international development, including advocacy and education on the adverse aspects of international trade and trade-related isuues.

It has both NGO accreditation with the WTO Secretariat as well as consultative status with the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD).

Latest From ICDA Members
ICDA currently has 45 members, 36 of which are in Europe

Visit WIDE's Website [Posted June 27/01]


"Gender mainstreaming for invisibility or women's empowerment?"

MADRID, 4-7 October 2001

WIDE's (Network Women in Development Europe) Annual Conference will take place in Madrid from 4th to 7th of October, having as theme: "Gender mainstreaming for invisibility or women's empowerment?" The overall objective of the conference is to monitor the progress of implementation of the Beijing Platform for Action (PfA) and of gender mainstreaming at different levels, namely at the EU, national and international level. Moreover, the conference is aiming at adopting an action plan of strategic advocacy and lobby policy towards effective gender mainstreaming, as well as coming up with recommendations to the EU and other development and trade actors. Furthermore, the conference will focus on identifying gaps that possibly exist and need to be filled at different programme and policy levels.
Click here to obtain more information

Visit ActionAid's Website [Posted May 08/01]

It's official. At the time of writing, British PM Tony Blair has just declared that the British general election will be held on June 7. With a British public ostensibly apathetic towards its politicians, ActionAid is seeking to redress the imbalance of prominence on domestic issues versus minimal coverage of international issues, such as World Debt, and Food Rights with its Global View 2001 campaign launched very recently.

Visit Christian Aid's Website [Posted April 20/01]

Christian Aid has just launched a massive campaign to raise awareness of trade issues. For more information, check out their website.

This year the World Trade Organisation (WTO) enters into a new round of multilateral negotiations on services, mandated by the GATS (General Agreement on Trade in Services). This can have far-reaching consequences for the environment, providing public services such as education and health care. This conference, organized by Forum Environment & Development, aims to ignite a public discussion on these issues.

Main ICDA Features
The ICDA WTO Impact List (WTOIL)
Visit ICDA's WTOIL Page

The WTO Impact List is a regular, daily email newsletter/list service, whose purpose is to circulate information on trade-related issues, with special, but not exclusive, focus on the WTO.

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United Nations LDC3 RIO+10 Qatar/WTOMC Regional Trade Financing for Development

Why United Nations LDC3?
Why RIO + 10?
Why WTO Ministerial Conference?
Why Regional Trade Policy?
Why Financing for Development?

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newPlease keep your eyes peeled for more information on ICDA's participation in the Trade Caucus of the NGO Forum at the Conference. A Special Report will soon be posted up. In the meantime, please feel free to hear ICDA delegate, Ms. Meredyth Bowler-Ailloud of Strategic Development Initiative (SDI), read ICDA's Statement for the Conference here.

newICDA has a Talk area! Feel free to post your messages on ICDA's general Discussion Board (most useful for visitors). For NGO affiliates, or Impact List subscribers, there is a private area where you can discuss issues most pertinent to you. ICDA members are not forgotten either, and will soon have a password-protected site for them, too.

newICDA has finally set up its Special United Nations LDC3 Conference Page, in wake of the UN Conference which is to take place the week of 14 May to 20 May at the European Parliament.

Please see below on how to visit ICDA's LDC Page, as well as find out what LDC countries are. Of special concern will be the case of Sugar, and other useful links on the EBA initiative, as well as info. on UNCTAD.

ICDA has set up its Special EU_NGO Dialogue with Civil Society Page in the wake of the new round of issue groups that is to take place the week of 23 April to 27 April at the European Commission.

Please see below on how to view the highlights of the last report on WTO Transparency.

Special Reports
All the Latest ICDA Reports you need to know

Visit ICDA's SOD Page

The summer month of August saw some interesting initiatives raised here at ICDA. One of these was the creation of the Summary, Overview & Development report -- otherwise known as the ICDA SOD Report. It's principal aim is to provide a 3-4 page overview of the main issues covered in one month's Impact List.

Useful Links

  • WTO Impact List website

  • Visit ICDA's EU-NGO Dialogue Page
    ICDA continues to maintain its dialogue with the European Commission through DG Trade's issue groups.

    Useful Links
  • DG Trade's Website
  • The Official WTO Website
  • WTO Watch Website-- this site monitors issues that the WTO is currently dealing with, and provides news reports predominantly against aspects of the WTO.

  • Visit ICDA's United Nations LDC III Page
    ICDA participated in the United Nations Conference on LDC,which was hosted by the European Parliament in May.
    Given ICDA's consultative status with UNCTAD, ICDA had an LDCIII delegation -- comprising ICDA Chairperson Janice Goodson Foerde; Meredyth Bowler-Ailloud of SDI; Helen Holder of Help Age International; and E.K.Bensah, ICDA Intern attending the conference. Check out soon the special report on this conference on this website!

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