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Flashback: A Short History
Previous LDC Conferences...

More on the UN Conference on LDCI, Paris, 1981
Find out how ICDA became involved in a campaign to promote the LDC cause. Also, read on to find out why the NGOs emerged disappointed from this first and crucial conference.

More on the UN Conference on LDCII, Paris, 1990
At this conference, the NGO Agenda contained a number of new concerns. Some of these were TRIPs, human rights, and biotechnology. Trade issues also started to take precedence.

The United Nations comes to Brussels
In 1997, the United Nations' General Assembly decided to convene the 3rd UN Conference on LDCs. UNCTAD became the focal point.

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Latest News
  • Going for Gold?-- The 49 Least Developed Countries (LDCs) may have another contender in the running after the recent inclusion of Senegal. Read this exclusive interview by ICDA of Dr. John Cuddy, Executive Secretary of the last UN Conference on LDCs, as well as incumbent UNCTAD official.w [Posted: May 15, 2001]

  • Important Issues I:
    The EBA Initiative

    Visit the EU's Official Page on the EBA
    In February this year, EU Trade Commissioner Pascal Lamy rushed through the unique 'Everything But Arms'(EBA) Proposal. Its primary objective is to abolish EU barriers to all LDC imports on rice, sugar, bananas. There is mounting evidence that this initiative is nothing more than a slipshod way of preparing, by force, developing countries for a new WTO round, which is incontestably even more problematic for the LDC countries.

    Read Oxfam UK's Report in support of the EBA
    This report, written by Oxfam's Christopher Stevens and Jane Kennan, was prepared in January of this year. In it, the authors attempt to provide a broad perspective, covering issues such as the positive impact of the initiative, developing country concerns; and the dynamic effects on global exports such as sugar.

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    Other Useful Links on the EBA
  • Terra Viva Europe's article on EBA (27 Feb) --Read TVE's article featured on the Third World Network's Website.
  • Terra Viva Europe's article on EBA's adverse effects (1 March) --Read TVE's article on how the EBA initiative will affect Caribbean producers.
  • Keep Your Enemies Even Closer -- This is a must-read for "EBA-phobes'. It provides a damning insight into the real reason behind the EBA Proposal.
  • Contributions to the EBA debate

    Read Solagral's Report!
    This article in French analyses the impact of the EBA on LDC countries. It also discusses policy lessons for the EU on this initiative, as well as NGO positions on the issue. Of particular concern is the impact the EBA will have on rice, banana and sugar, which the report covers extensively.

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    Basic Facts About LDCs
  • 49 LDCs make up 10.5% of the world's population
  • The 1st UN Conference on LDCs was held in Paris in 1981 and adopted the SNPA (Substantial New Programme of Action)
  • Lack of substantial change/progress in the 1980s led to the convening of the 2nd Conference in Paris in 1990 which adopted the Programme of Action for LDCs for the 1990s.
  • The Paris Conference agreed on a three-tiered mechanism that covered national, regional, and global follow-up to monitor the effective implementation of the Programme.
  • A Mid-term of the Implementation of the Programme of Action for the LDCs for 1990s came to the conclusion that these countries remain marginalized.
  • In 1997, the UN's General Assembly responded to the marginalization of LDCs by deciding to convene the 3rd UN Conference on LDCs and designated UNCTAD as the focal point for the preparation of the Conference.
  • The General Assembly designated Secretary-General of UNCTAD, Mr.Rubens Ricupero as Secretary-General of the 3rd UN Conference on LDCs.
  • The above information on LDC facts was culled from: United Nations Website on LDC III Conference.

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