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Where are We?
The International Coalition for Development Action (ICDA) is based at:

115, Rue Stevin
1000 Brussels
TEL: +32 (2) 230.04.30
FAX: +32 (2) 230.52.37
EMAIL: icda@icda.be

When are we open?
  • ICDA is open from 9am to 6pm CET
  • If you experience any problems while using this site, or you simply have general questions about the ICDA Web Pages, please contact ekbensah@icda.be. ICDA's main phone number is +32(2)230.04.30. If there is no-one at the office, we encourage you to leave a message on the answering machine. We will get in touch with you as soon as we can.
  • About the ICDA Website
    Welcome to the new web site of the International Coalition for Development Action. This site has been re-designed with the aim of :

  • Better supporting the various activities of the ICDA in its capacity as a network;
  • Serving as a point of reference / useful tool for people and organisations interested in trade and development issues;
  • Providing a picture as comprehensive as possible of what ICDA stands for, and does, both in its capacity as a network-based organisation, as well as a small, development NGO in order to improve one's understanding of ICDA;
  • Facilitating servicing of membership
  • Improving the WTO Impact List pages for our subscribers
  • This new website has some new key features of interest to both ICDA Members and visitors:

    1. Updated news and information on a regular basis: Since March 2001, news about what is happening at the Secretariat are placed on the ICDA Latest page, and are updated on a regular basis. We encourage you to visit the ICDA website regularly in order to catch up with all the latest happenings at ICDA, or any of the other attendant networks, such as CENNT, IWGGT, IGTN.
    2. WTO Ministerial on Qatar Page (WTOMC4), which is effectively a collation of articles culled from February to June 2001 WTO Impact List
    3. Better classification of ICDA's WTO Impact List. You can now subscribe and unsubscribe fully online, read comments, and request an article.
    ICDA would like to thank both former ICDA Interns Achim Merlo, and Santiago Perez for their efforts in creating the first ICDA website in 2000.

    ICDA would also like to thank the manufacturers of software that has enabled this site to be more user-friendly - namely: CGI Spy.Com for forms, and CoffeeCup Free FTP for enabling very smooth updates of the pages.

    Finally, ICDA would like to thank the webmaster of the Society of International Development, whose "About" Page heavily inspired this one.


    Enjoy the use of the website! ICDA Webmaster

    Staff at ICDA Secretariat
    If possible, please direct all your queries by email to the current interns:
      Emmanuel.K.Bensah, responsible for monitoring Regional Trade; Cotonou Agreement; United Nations LDCIII Conference; WTO Impact List servicing; radical re-design of Website: ekbensah@icda.be As a result of Ms.Galeazzi's sudden departure, Mr.Bensah shall take over the RIO+10 issues for the WTOIL.
      plus the following tasks till ICDA employs another intern:

    1. monitor Financing for Development
    2. monitor Gender & Trade aspects of the ICDA Programme
    3. monitor WTO Affairs for WTO Impact List

      Janice Goodson Foerde, ICDA Chairperson, JGFoerde@icda.be, Senior Advisor, WEDO Economic & Social Justice Program.


    1. Chairperson, KULU - Women and Development, Denmark: kulu@kulu.dk
    2. Chairperson, G&T Coordinator, International Coalition for Development Action (ICDA): icda@icda.be
    3. Focal Point, IGTN-Europe: c/o icda@icda.be

    Previous Interns (2000-2001)
  • Francesca Galeazzi, Italy (2001)
  • Julio Montes de Oca, Costa Rica (2001)
  • Hannes Huhtaniemi, Finland (2001)
  • Marina Ullastres Ortiz, Spain (2001)
  • Emmanuel.K.Bensah, Ghana (2001--)
  • Malin Christensson, Sweden (2000--2001)
  • Maria Karadinezli, Greece (2000)
  • Isabella Torta, Italy (2000)
  • Anna Selberg, Sweden (2000)
  • Felix Koch, Germany (2000)

  • Last Updated: Wednesday 6 February 2002 @ 4:20pm CET

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