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What is the ICDA WTO Impact List?
Are you a WTO Impact List subscriber? What do you think about the list? Do you have any ideas on how to improve it? What are your impressions of it? Do you have a contribution to make? Express your zeal for the Zapatistas, nod approval to Naomi (Klein), or take the opportunity to wail at the WTO! Join the debate!
What's on ICDA Talk?
Latest Live Chat

Find out what's happening at the WTO!
On the ICDA Forum board, you can either chat live or post messages up regarding the UN LDC III Conference. Even better, you can let us know what topics you would like to see discussed. We will, in due time, inform you of any developments.

Chat of the Month
Who would you like to speak with?

Is there someone with whom you would like to chat? What about your ideas of ICDA Talk Page? Even better, do you have any suggestions as to how we can improve it for you -- especially the NGO user, or curious student? Please let us know. When sending us mail, please be sure to put "ICDA CHAT" in subject line.

Leave a message on the general ICDA Forum board!

Special Reports

Visit ICDA's LDCIII Page
ICDA will be participating in the United Nations Conference on LDC, to be hosted by the European Parliament in May.
Given ICDA's consultative status with UNCTAD, ICDA will have an LDCIII delegation attending the conference. Check out soon the special report on this conference right here!

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