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Where are We?
The International Coalition for Development Action (ICDA) is based at:

115, Rue Stevin
1000 Brussels
TEL: +32 (2) 230.04.30
FAX: +32 (2) 230.52.37
EMAIL: icda@icda.be

  • You will most likely arrive in Brussels at Bruxelles-Central, Bruxelles-Midi, or Bruxelles-Nord. Whichever you arrive at, it is best to take the train, with direction: OTTIGNIES-LOUVAIN-LA-NEUVE. This is the train you should take, in fact, to stop off at Schuman.

  • From Bruxelles-Central, it would be Bruxelles-Nord, then Bruxelles-Schuman.
  • From Bruxelles-Midi, it would be Bruxelles-Central, Bruxelles-Nord,
  • Bruxelles-Schuman.
  • From Bruxelles-Nord, it is only one stop before you get to Bruxelles-Schuman.
  • Once you stop off at Bruxelles-Schuman, ask your way to the European Commission. From there, ICDA is not far off at all. The address is Rue Stevin, 115, on which you will find a big, white building with the block letters, I.P.C. This is the International Press Center. If ever you get lost, ask around for directions to the International Press Center.

    On that street, you should see an Irish Pub, A Sushi Bar, and a Spanish Bookshop. Those are the key landmarks we urge you to look out for. ICDA is in a building with three other NGOs, and is just 2 seconds walk from the Spanish bookshop, "Punto y Coma", which is only 5 secs walk from the Irish pub.

    Final landmark to look out for is DG Trade. That's also another clue, because ICDA is right behind DG Trade of the European Commission.

    Staff at ICDA Secretariat
    If possible, please direct all your queries by email to the current interns:

    Emmanuel.K.Bensah, responsible for:

    1. Updating and servicing the NEW ICDA Website, which was re-designed by Emmanuel K Bensah and re-launched in January 2001. In particular, preparing updates of new features such as the WTO Impact List (WTOIL); Calendar; Registration for WTOIL; ETN Meetings; and ICDA Latest News.
    2. Preparing, organising, and co-ordinating the next scheduled ICDA Seminar on WSSD follow-up, and preparation for WTOMC5
    3. Cooperation on ICDA Update 36-37 - July-December 2000, and working on Special ICDA Updates on United Nations LDC III Conference; Special Issue on WSSD & Sustainable Development (Update 42-43) in connection with upcoming seminar on WSSD,plus Jo'Berg summit follow-up
    4. Co-operation on ICDA Updates 2002-03 nr.43 and nr.44, plus gathering information for the next Update.
    5. Monitoring ACP-EU Regional Trade, especially in the run-up to preparation of ACP Regional Economic Partnership Agreements launch of negotiations in September 2002
    6. Monitoring the LDC III conference and following up on debates thereafter
    7. Preparing for ICDA extraordinary AGM and ETN meetings.
    8. Monitoring the UNLDC3; REGIONAL TRADE; & Ffd-IFIs-TNC Focus for WTO Impact List
    9. Assistance with the Gender and Trade program area.
    10. Reporting from meetings attended on the behalf of ICDA.
    11. Contact him:ekbensah@icda.be

    Jennifer Marie Cyr, responsible for:
    1. Cooperation on the daily ICDA WTOIL, especially in regards to monitoring the WTOMC 4 follow-up after Qatar and the so-called Doha Development negotiations, as well as RIO+10 focus
    2. Administration of the IGTN and newly-created ICDA Members List-serv
    3. Monitoring EU-NGO Civil Society Relations co-ordination, debate, and follow-up
    4. Co-operation on ICDA Updates 2002-03 nr.43 and nr.44, plus gathering information for the next Update.
    5. Monitoring the European Trade Network (ETN) meetings and representing ICDA as needed
    6. Participating in Trade Information Exchange meetings in cooperation with the other interns.
    7. Assistance with the Gender and Trade program area in cooperation with Emmanuel.K.Bensah
    8. Reporting frommeetings attended on the behalf of ICDA.
    9. Contact him: jennifercyr@icda.be

      Janice Goodson Foerde, ICDA Chairperson, JGFoerde@icda.be, Senior Advisor, WEDO Economic & Social Justice Program.


    1. Chairperson, KULU - Women and Development, Denmark: kulu@kulu.dk
    2. Chairperson, G&T Coordinator, International Coalition for Development Action (ICDA): icda@icda.be
    3. Focal Point, IGTN-Europe: c/o icda@icda.be

    Previous Interns (2000-2002)
  • Eamonn Moran, Ireland (2002)
  • Melita Sammut, Malta/UK (2002)
  • Anjali Ramachandran, India (2002)
  • Caroline Lemerle, UK/Belgium (2002)
  • Monika Adamova, Slovakia (2002)
  • Francesca Galeazzi, Italy (2001)
  • Julio Montes de Oca, Costa Rica (2001)
  • Hannes Huhtaniemi, Finland (2001)
  • Marina Ullastres Ortiz, Spain (2001)
  • Emmanuel.K.Bensah, Ghana (2001--)
  • Malin Christensson, Sweden (2000--2001)
  • Maria Karadinezli, Greece (2000)
  • Isabella Torta, Italy (2000)
  • Anna Selberg, Sweden (2000)
  • Felix Koch, Germany (2000)

  • ICDA is a partner ICDA was established on December 20, 1977. It is registered in the Netherlands, with registration n#:41198114
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