More on WIDE's Annual Conference in Madrid: 4-7 October

Among the areas that are going to be examined are:
  • the policy frameworks concerning equal opportunities and gender mainstreaming in trade and development policies;
  • the political commitment towards the direction of integrating gender dimensions into policies and practice;
  • the institutional structures set up to ensure effective mainstreaming along with the question of resources allocated to the "gender question" ;
  • the development of progress indicators.
  • The Conference seeks to reach the following results:

  • 'Etat des lieux' on successes, failures and gaps of gender mainstreaming;
  • To enhance the ability of women's organizations to lobby and advocate for the integration of gender concerns into trade and development policies, programmes and practice;
  • To strengthen the process of networking on the issues described above;
  • To explore ways to overcome barriers to effective gender mainstreaming.
  • Within the framework of the Conference activities, there are also going to be held different workshops on the following areas: economic literacy, gender route, gender budgeting and lobby/advocacy skills. For more information about the conference, please contact Maria Karadenizli, WIDE advocacy and network officer at The conference's provisional programme can be found on WIDE's website:

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