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Latest Position of NGOs (as of February 2001)

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"Recommendations for ways forward on institutional reform of the World Trade Organisation : A discussion paper compiled by ActionAid, CAFOD, Christian Aid, Consumers International, FIELD, Oxfam, RSPB, WDM"

Read Christian Aid's article on the WTO, presented at their issue group last session, in February.

Latest on Issue Groups
Read DG Trade's APRIL Report on WTO Transparency
The last two meetings on WTO Transparency, which took place in June and September hadve not yet been posted on DG Trade's website. Nonetheless, you can read more on what was broached -- i.e.
  • Decision making (consensus; consultative body; Director General's role);
  • Promoting participation of DCs (Developing Countries)
  • at the link above.

    Latest News
    Please find below the latest schedules of the next Civil Society Issue Group, which is to take place the week of 26 November:

  • [Posted: Tuesday 20 November;12:10pm CET]

  • Highlights of the February Issue Group Report

  • The meeting brought together 17 NGOs
  • The EU also needs to address the issue of Transparency before the Qatar Ministerial in November
  • Developing countries have a problem with Civil Society, too, in the sense that they could potentially undermine these countries' already very limited capacity to influence the WTO.
  • There is a question over what preconditions will have to agreed to in order for both developing and LDC countries to participate effectively to the vote.
  • NGOs could be granted Observer status in certain WTO committees, as well as be briefed earlier on certain upcoming issues.
  • NGOs argued that Parliamentarians of all shades could be more actively involved.
  • NGOs felt that the transparency of current EU policy with respect to trade policy is insufficient.
  • Civil Society at this discussion agreed that adequate weight ought to be provided in panel decisions to other international rules that potentially conflict with WTO provisions.

  • Special Reports

    Visit ICDA's SOD Page

    The summer month of August saw some interesting initiatives raised here at ICDA. One of these was the creation of the Summary, Overview & Development report -- otherwise known as the ICDA SOD Report. It's principal aim is to provide a 3-4 page overview of the main issues covered in one month's Impact List.

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  • WTO Impact List website

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