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ICDA's WTO Impact List Page
What is the WTO Impact List?
The ICDA WTO Impact List is a regular email newsletter/list service that goes out daily. It's purpose is to circulate general information on trade and trade-related issues, with special, but not exclusive, focus on the WTO.


The ICDA WTO Impact List is a strictly non-commercial and educational service for nonprofit organisations and individuals active in the field of trade. The views expressed in each contribution are those of the indicated author(s) or contributors. ICDA welcomes new subscribers to join the list!

Since July 2001, the WTO Impact List has been concentrating on five particular issues: Third United Nations Conference on Least Developed Countries (UNLDC3) issues; RIO+10; 4th WTO Ministerial Conference follow-up; Regional Trade; and Financing for Development (FfDEV). Read on to find out more about these foci.

What have people been saying about the WTO Impact List since its radical transformation in July 2001? Please check this page out to find more, and see whether they have whetted your appetite to subscribe to the now 306-strong list. We dare you! (under construction)

Tired of spending hours perusing websites for the information on trade and development-related issues that you need? Whether you're a student, activist, NGO worker, or a curious soul,subscribe to the WTO Impact List. Now in its three-year history, it still remains FREE to subscribe

Having problems locating an old article that you desperately need? If you remember seeing it on the WTO Impact List, chances are that we still have it in our archives. You can simply request an article here

The summer month of August saw some interesting initiatives raised here at ICDA. One of these was the creation of the Summary, Overview & Development report -- otherwise known as the ICDA SOD Report. It's principal aim is to provide a 3-4 page overview of the main issues covered in one month's Impact List. For more, please click

The Tracker

This new page for the WTO Impact List is designed to help busy WTOILers to find out when any potentially useful articles are sent out, rather than spending hours checking 1001 mails. It is designed to be updated regularly, so please check it often, by clicking here

12 January 2004 update: The Tracker is no longer in service...

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