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  • Volume 10.N#1/2000

  • Volume 9.N#2/1999

  • Volume 8.N#1/1999

  • Volume 7.N#2/1998

  • Volume 6.N#1/1998

  • Volume 5.N#1/1997

  • Volume 4.N#1/1996

  • Volume 2.N#1/1995

  • Volume 1.N#1/1994


  • Number 32 : 06-08/1999

  • Number 31 : 01-03/1999

  • Number 30/29 : 08-12/1998

  • Number 28 : 04-06/1998

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    ICDA produces a number of publications, of which the ICDA Update and the ICDA Journal are the most regularly-produced.

    The Update is a booklet that contains information on the latest issues concerning trade, trade policies and trade-related issues. The Journal provides in-depth analyis of trade-related issues. Below you can find previews of some of the older journals.

    This very first journal appeared in 1994. It provides an interesting analysis of the Bretton Woods Institutions. How far have they come? Where are they going? Read this article to make up your own mind. Also, you will find some articles on UNCTAD and how far it has also come over thirty years. For further details on how you can purchase this publication at the very accessibe price of 200BF, or roughly Euro 5.00, please see here.

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