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The International Coalition for Development Action is a coalition of mainly non-governmental development organizations in OECD countries and has strong links to NGOs and networks with the South.

ICDA was founded in 1976 as a result of NGO coordination focused on UNCTAD Conferences. Its secretariat is presently located in Brussels, Belgium.

ICDA works for social and political change in international trade policies affecting countries of the South and collects and disseminates information concerning trade and trade-related issues with the purpose of furthering people-centred trade policy formulation. Another task is to monitor international and regional trade policy formulation and negotiation. Of special concern is the promotion and implementation of gender, social and environmental assessments of the effects of trade liberalisation on sustainable human development, especially in the South.

ICDA also administrates the coordination of a regional network, the Coordination of European Non-Governmental Organizations Networking on Trade (CENNT), and an international network, the Informal Working Group on Gender and Trade (IWGGT).

Coming soon!!! A Special report on the impending NGO Forum and the United Nations Conference on LDC in May 2001!

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