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What is CENNT?

ICDA has been coordinating CENNT for many years. The CENNT Chair has usually been a member of the ICDA CG, although CENNT is otherwise an informal European NGO network.

ICDA has actually been financing most of CENNT, although the 5 EU-based networks originally intended to fund CENNT while ICDA provided the secretariat. That said, CENNT members from the 5 networks, especially some APRODEV members and smaller or financially modest NGOs, such as the Quakers, have been donors in the past.

For the time being, CENNT envisages having a final meeting before its full transformation into the European Trade Network, or ETN. This is in no way breaking away from the original ideals of CENNT, but it is a way of ensuring that this informal network is made more efficient, and has some type of structure.

ICDA also sees it as a way to get European networks and NGOs more actively involved in the European trade discussion, following a more recent period (last year or so) of shifting attendance in CENNT meetings.

For any other information, please do not hesitate to get in touch with ICDA Chairperson Janice Goodson Foerde.

Latest News

Info sheet on the new European Trade Network (ETN)

2001 CENNT News

News from ICDA
Posted:Wednesday '15' May @11.58am EST
The newly-formed ETN will be meeting at 11.11.11 in Brussels on Thursday 16 May

Posted:Wednesday '13' Feb.@1:25pm
ICDA sent out a reminder to CENNT, IGTN, IWGGT, NGO Impact Listers,ICDA Members regarding the CENNT Agenda, and confirmation. If you have not yet received the agenda, please contact us at cennt@icda.be.

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